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    Why pay 6% commission when you can be paying 3.5%*?

    A property worth $250,000 sold at 6% commission would net $234,100
    The same property sold at 5% commission would net $236,750
    Sold in-house with Mincom at 3.5%* would net $

    That's a difference of $6625.00 directly to your bottom line when Mincom sells your property in-house!

    Mincom is Canada's largest full service, minimum commission Real Estate franchise. Mincom Sudbury Inc. has led the way in the Sudbury area for thirteen years and is the only full service discount Brokerage in the city. It is important to understand the significance of a full service Brokerage. Mincom Sudbury Inc., while offering commission rates as low as 3.5%* still maintains arguably the highest level of exposure of any Brokerage in the area.

    Just because we offer a lower commission doesn't mean we do any less of a job.

    We offer:
    - A comprehensive analysis of comparable properties.
    Conduct a BUYER INTERVIEW to discuss the buying process with you.
    PRE-APPROVAL - assist you in finding the lowest mortgage rate possible. Find the BEST home that matches your price selection in an area of your choice.
    IN HOUSE SEARCH - will match you with any potential properties in our database.
    AUTOMATED EMAIL - automatically email you any listings that match your criteria.
    MLS - property is listed on MLS (Multiple Listing Search Engine). All realtors use this program to search properties for their clients.
    DIGITAL PHOTOS Various DIGITAL PHOTOS are featured on our sites and e-mailed to clients regularly.
    PHOTO TOUR - A virtual tour of your home. Buyers are able to look at your property without even leaving the comfort of their home.
    ADVERTISING - Your home will be advertised in local publications on a weekly basis through print and online.
    OPEN HOUSEWe PROMOTE your OPEN HOUSE through our various Website.  Complete with features sheets for prospects to take home.

    We keep you informed:
    We offer feedback reports that are updated regularly and sent via email straight to you.
    It outlines in DETAIL the agents that have viewed it and the feedback from their clients.
    From the date it is LISTED to the Date that it is SOLD ALL your activities are there.

    Our Team NEGOTIATES your purchase
    We RECOMMEND professional services such as Lawyers, Mortgage Specialists, Home Inspectors.

    Using the Internet
    The Internet gives your property MAXIMUM exposure. As Internet Professionals, we market your home to buyers worldwide. 

    We use up-to-date technology to promote your home. The m ore exposure means a better chance at getting your property SOLD QUICKLY.
    Today's INTERNET savvy buyers will access the Internet to find homes. 74% of all HOME BUYERS will use the INTERNET as a search tool. ADVERTISING your home World Wide is the way of the Future.
    INTERNET users will quadruple in the next 5 years to ONE BILLION USERS.

    A Home is usually the BIGGEST INVESTMENT most people make. You can count on us to provide you with FIRST CLASS service and a worry free move. AVAILABLE 24/7 - Someone is always available to answer your questions.

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    *Commission rate as low as 3.5% applies when a Mincom Representative represents both buyer and seller. In other situations, a higher rate may be negotiated.